What guests look for in a holiday home?

With the warmer weather approaching we shift our minds from staying warm in the comfort of our own home to venturing out and exploring our wonderful surrounds.


With this shift comes a significant increase in occupancy of our holiday homes. Now is the time to look at the current presentation of your holiday property and start the preparation for the large influx of holiday makers commencing in December.


Bed Linen

If you are anything like me a fresh inviting bed makes for a more relaxing nights sleep. Have a look at the current presentation of the bedrooms in your holiday property – does your quilt need updating? Are your mattress protectors stain free? Do all pillows have a pillow protector and are free of stains? Does your linen flow from bedroom to bedroom? Investing in fresh manchester can improve guest comfort immensely. Kmart, Target, IKEA, Harris Scarfe all have extremely affordable bed linen and manchester options which allows continuity in all bedrooms regardless of the size of the bed.


Living Rooms

Are your living rooms clutter free? Are all of the blinds/curtains in good working order? Is your couch clean and stain free? The majority of holiday makers like to holiday in a clutter free environment free of any “personal effects”. If your couch is not leather then the majority of the covers on these can be washed or hand washed to refresh the appearance of these. We suggest fixing or replacing any broken or damaged blinds or curtains. We recommend a roller holland blind as the most practical and easy to use blind for holiday guests.



Open all of the cupboards and complete a stocktake of these items. Do you have matching plates, side plates and bowls? Are there enough of each of these items to cater for the number of guests your property occupies plus a few extras for entertaining? The same applies for glass ware – do you have drinking glasses, wine glasses and champagne flutes? Provision of a few plastic options for children is also a worthwhile purchase. Is your cutlery, utensils and knives of a quality you would want when paying for a holiday property? Are frypans and saucepans clean and free of scratches? Continually assessing these items and updating these as required improves the guest enjoyment of your home.


Outdoor spaces

The majority of our holiday guests do like to BBQ and entertain whilst they are down here. They like a clean, stable BBQ and some sturdy outdoor furniture. We ask our guests to clean the BBQ upon departure. Providing some BBQ cleaning tools such as a BBQ mate, a scrubbing brush and some newspaper assists them in this procedure.


This past year I have been lucky enough to be able to go on a few weekends away to cabins in caravan parks and some Airbnb homes and the above items either made my stay a fabulous one or put a dampener on it. When I am looking for a holiday home online the below factors have a huge influence on my decision in such a competitive accommodation market:


High quality professional photographs – puts my mind at ease that I am holidaying in a high quality home where the owners have taken the time to consider the presentation of the home

Nicely presented bedrooms with matching bed linen throughout the home which will allow me to have a good nights sleep in a nicely presented bed

Comfortable clutter free entertaining areas inside and outside of the home. I am not someone who relaxes when there is clutter around me and with two children under the age of 5 I like plenty of area for them to enjoy


I am only ever a phone call or email away to provide some assistance and guidance to improve the presentation of your property and am more than happy to provide some pointers or recommended items to increase the comfort and practicality of your home to our holiday guests.

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