Top 5 reasons to invest in property on the Fleurieu Peninsula

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The beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula is in South Australia. Just a forty-minute drive from Adelaide. It has always been a place of interest to visit for tourists and South Australians alike. Many childhood memories consist of day trips down to Middleton for surfing and fish and chips, weekends at the shack in Normanville or ice cream at the kiosk at Granite Island. 

Investors should be considering this coastal location, and we are here to tell you why:

# 1 Strong Property Market

With a diverse range of properties from beachfront, holiday homes, and permanent rentals to rural, there is a home to suit everyone and their lifestyle. There has been a steady and stable growth in the property market over the past decade with the past three years seeing prices come up to market value and holding. This is an attractive quality for investors as over the long-term properties are increasing in value.

Investors looking for long-term capital growth should certainly put The Fleurieu Peninsula on their list of considerations.

# 2 Growing Population

With the increase in population over the past 10 years due to shorter travel time to Adelaide and lifestyle possibilities The Fleurieu Peninsula is experiencing a rising demand for housing both rental and owner-occupied.

There has been consistent growth in the construction industry with new residential developments being built throughout the region. These are catering to a range of residents from young families to retirees.

An increase in population in the area and steady growth have cemented the requirement for permanent rentals.

Population growth on the Fleurieu Peninsula (information sourced from Plan SA 1/05/23)

  • In the 12 months to 30 June 2021 
  • Alexandrina Council: up 2.8%
  • Victor Harbor & KI: up 1.7%
  • 2022 estimated resident population:
  • VH Council: 16,720
  • Alexandrina Council: 29,780
  • The medium projection is about 58,000 people across the whole region by 2025

# 3 Close to Adelaide 

One of the key contributors to the increase in the population of The Fleurieu Peninsula is its proximity to the capital of South Australia, Adelaide. With the reduction of travel time between the two locations being dramatically reduced since the development of the Southern Expressway it has opened up the opportunity for residents to work in Adelaide or surrounding suburbs whilst still enjoying the lifestyle on offer on the South Coast. This alone has created a shift in mindset driving people to reconsider their permanent place of residence.

As Adelaide has now become more accessible, by car or bus and train it also means that permanent residents of The Fleurieu Peninsula have easier access to healthcare, shopping and festivals or productions which they didn’t access before. 

# 4 Lifestyle

With a landscape of beaches, hills, and rivers it’s not surprising that The Fleurieu Peninsula is a popular destination for those who love the outdoors. You can be at one of the most popular surf beaches in South Australia and in five minutes be at the great Murray River. From walking the Heysen trail, sailing at Goolwa, exploring the caves at Rapid Bay or fishing at Encounter Bay the area offers residents a lifestyle experience that is unique and laid back.

There is also such a creative tint to the area, here you will find amazing wineries, eateries and art galleries across the region. The Fleurieu is host to many festivals and events annually too. 

The Fleurieu Peninsula has a strong sense of community, where neighbours support each other in times of need. Despite the population growth, there is a regional atmosphere that permeates the area. It’s not uncommon to stroll down the street and engage in friendly conversation with locals.

The community is tight-knit, and your local coffee shop is likely to remember your usual order. If you ever run out of milk or need your bins taken out while you’re away, you can still count on your neighbours to lend a helping hand. 

# 5 Location

Set in an idyllic location just 70 km from Adelaide, South Australia. The Fleurieu Peninsula offers a diverse range of natural landscapes. Home to a range of wildlife and beautiful beaches it draws tourists and visitors from surrounding areas throughout the year. 

With a variety of things to do from surfing, whale watching or wandering through the vineyards, it’s a region that has grown significantly in popularity with people wanting to make it their permanent home. 

“The shortage in supply of rental properties in certain areas has also contributed to the price growth, which in turn has seen higher rental returns improving the ROI for property owners.”

As an investor in real estate, it is important to consider not just the potential appreciation of a property, but also the rental income it can generate. At South Coast Realty, we are proud to say that the rental market in our area has been experiencing strong growth in recent years, offering excellent opportunities for investors seeking a good return on investment (ROI).

One of the reasons for this rental price growth is the increasing demand for rental properties in our area.

As the population has increased so has the demand for rental properties. This has driven the pricing to achieve a higher rent.  

The shortage in supply of rental properties in certain areas has also contributed to the price growth, which in turn has seen higher rental returns improving the ROI for property owners.

Discover your coastal investment opportunity at South Coast Realty today and contact the South Coast Realty Property Management team to see how we can make owning an investment stress free.

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