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Golden Rules of Renting

Getting your Bond back

Getting your bond back and obtaining a good reference from South Coast Realty when you move out is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Read your Lease

Read your lease from cover to cover before you sign it. It will help you catch potential problems before they actually happen. If you know you have a special circumstance, such as a family member or friend who visits very regularly, tell us about it ahead of time to avoid any issues that could arise.

Pay Rent on time

Nothing makes both South Coast Realty and your Landlord happier than a renter who pays rent on time as per your lease agreement. If you know you might have to pay late at any time, let us know as soon as possible. It’s much better for you to be upfront about it so we can try and work with you to recover on time payments

Treat your rental like you own it

A clean and tidy home shows you have pride in the place you live in and Landlords will be less likely to worry, or anticipate damage while your are there. While normal wear and tear is typical, do not cause any major damage to the rental as it will be at your cost to rectify. Any damage must be reported to South Coast Realty as soon as possible.

Speak to Property Management regarding any maintenance promptly

We will endeavour to have any urgent maintenance issues fixed as soon as practically possible.


If your lease agreement allows pets please make sure you clean up after them regularly.

Be considerate of your neighbors

Remember we all live differently. Make sure you and your visitors respect your neighbours rights to privacy, peace and comfort. Good relationships between neighbours reduces the chance of your neighbour escalating a problem to the Landlord.

Stereo and TV: think about the volume or use headphones. Pull the TV and speakers away from your neighbours walls. Raise them from the floor if possible.

Household chores: Consider not mowing the lawn or starting the DIY at the crack of dawn. You may be an early riser, but others could be trying to get some rest. Night birds should equally think about doing their vacuuming or washing at less ‘anti-social’ hours.

Parties: If you’re planning a party, your neighbours are likely to be much more understanding if you warn them well in advance – you might even invite them. Either way, don’t ruin their evening and encourage guests to be equally respectful.

Dogs: Dogs may bark because they are lonely. Constant barking or whining can be disturbing to your neighbours. Ensure you regularly clean up and dispose of pet waste.

Cars: Don’t play your car stereo to the world at large. Make sure your music isn’t disturbing others, especially when you’re parked or waiting for someone.

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