Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Moving

Congratulations! You have just received a phone call from your Property Manager that your application has been successful. Moving is an exciting time but can also be a little bit daunting.

How are you going to pack everything on time? Can you make it easier? With these smart tips you can:

#1 Supplies:

Get organised to be organised. Having the right ‘tools’ makes the job so much easier. You will need packing tape/boxes/stanley knife/heavy duty garbage bags/permanent maker/spray and wipe/cleaning cloths


#2 Book it in:

If you are booking a removalist, book it in ASAP. This applies to helping hands as well – friends and/or family that can be contacted for assistance with packing and moving or just keeping the kids out of the way on the day. Don’t forget utilities, you will want the power on for the day you move in so make sure to contact your service providers for gas/electricity/Foxtel/NBN to get the connection organized early.


#3 Get rid of it

Have you started packing and can’t believe how much stuff you had? Wondered where those jeans have been hiding for the past year? If you haven’t used it, you don’t need it. Now is the perfect opportunity to start fresh so take the time to go through things and don’t be afraid to let some go. Get the whole family involved – not only is it refreshing, it will also make unpacking a less daunting task. Donate to charity or if it is no use to others throw it out. If you are struggling, look to Marie Kondo for tips!


#4 Pack smart

There are so many hacks for packing tips and here are some of our faves:

–       Use towels and tea towels to wrap crockery (t-shirts are awesome to wrap glasses with) and you’re not having to use copious amounts of bubble wrap so it’s a win for the environment too.

–       Leave your clothes on their hangers and slide garbage bags up and over them in groups to keep them together. When you get them to the new house, just hang them up and remove the bag.

–       Take photos of how to plug your TV/Stereo/Game console back together to avoid frustration.

–       Keep the cutlery in the divider – remove it and place it in a pillow case. When you get to the new house just pop it into the drawer.

–       Clean as you go. Future you will thank you for it!

–       Label your boxes clearly with which room they are going in and the contents (don’t write your valuables on there though, be smart people!).

–       Pack a morning box, place it in the kitchen make sure it has the toaster, kettle, cereal, coffee, cup, plate, bowl and whatever else will get you started in the morning. Use it the day of the move, then pack it up ready for your first morning at the new place.


#5 Must haves

Everyone in the house gets a box (yes even the dog) or you can even use a backpack/gym bag. Pop in the box your essentials that you need quick access to and make sure these are the first thing to be transported to the new home. Essentials can include:

–       Phone charger

–       Change of clothes for tomorrow morning

–       Sleepwear for tonight

–       Toothbrush

–       Favourite teddy bear (for children)/security blanket

–       Xbox/Game console

–       The one thing that will give you time out that you cannot be without

–       Portable speaker

–       Pet bed/food


#6 Bathroom bags

When packing, it’s a great idea to pack bathroom bags. These can be dumped (see what I did there?) into the bathroom when you first arrive at the new home. At the end of the day the last thing you will want to be doing is searching for a towel. Make sure the bags include:

-Towels/hand towels/floormats

– Toilet paper


– Toothbrush and toothpaste

– Hairbrush

– Hairdryer

– Deodorant


 #7 Cleaning Stations

Who knew that there was enough dust to fill a vacuum bag living behind your bedhead? Sound familiar? Once each room is empty give it a quick once over with a vacuum and spot clean.

To make it even easier get 2 baskets/boxes and fill each one with your essential cleaning products. Leave one at the old house and take one to the new. 

When you go back to the old house to clean everything will be there waiting and ready for you.


 #8 Feed Me

Leading up to the move try to eat your way through what you already have in the pantry and freezer. Organise an online shopping delivery of essentials to your new address to get you through the first week.

Moving is stressful and strenuous, no one wants to deal with someone who is hangry. Try to have snacks on hand for throughout the day. A few days before, order a sandwich platter from close by (Subway, Woolies, Local café) and allocate someone the task of picking it up. The people helping you move will appreciate it.

After a mammoth day of moving, driving, cleaning, packing, unpacking no one will expect you to be cooking. Take the night off, put your feet up and try out your new local takeaway place before drifting off into a food coma.


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