Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has Sprung, the sun is shining but wait….

If like the team here, you have not been outside as much as usual during the Winter period the sudden sunlight may be encouraging you (or showing all the areas that need attention) to do some Spring cleaning keep reading.

Living on the Fleurieu, chances are that you also have a septic tank, which is great – so much better than having a drop toilet however, we need to be sure the products we are using around the home are not only safe for us humans and our furry friends but our septic tanks as well. The PM Team have been asked about their cleaning tips and hints and this is what they came up with:

  • VINEGAR – Vinegar cleans windows, bathrooms, floors, toilets and poured down drains ontop of bicarb soda works a treat too
  • CHECK THE LABELS – Read the back of the label to see if the product is Septic Safe and to read what ingredients are used
  • MICROFIBRE TOWELS – Use them on TV’s, Dressers, Table tops, Polishing, Dashboard of the car
  • USE AN OVEN KIT – Oven kits are amazing….. yes they are full of chemicals but if you are willing to sacrifice…….
  • CLEANERS – Honestly if Spring Cleaning just ‘ain’t your thing’ then hire a cleaner for a couple of hours to treat yourself
  • DON’T GET CAUGHT UP – Thinking you have a huge list of chores can make you avoid doing anything at all, spend ½ an hour once or twice a day on the little things that way when the weekend comes around you can get out in this awesome weather and enjoy it.

If you have cleaning tips you can’t wait to share, email us.

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