South Coast Stay – The REAL reason it was established

South Coast Stay

How did South Coast Stay really come into fruition?

South Coast Stay’s parent company is South Coast Realty – an independently owned Real Estate that operates Coast to Coast on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The owners and employees are local agents who are passionate about the area.

Over time, the one thing that the founding members of South Coast Realty noticed as a common denominator between them all was that on weekends, they would stay in the area but be inundated with visitors from Adelaide going on a day drive or staying locally for the weekend (especially on long weekends!). 

Not only was this fantastic for the South Coast Realty team (they didn’t have to go anywhere to see anyone) but also for the local businesses as visitors would shop locally meaning great things for the community.  

The fairy tale however was not to last. The overflow from spare bedrooms to living rooms created couch surfers who would stay for days on end. This became too much for the founding members and after a two-week period of having guests who ate all of their food and didn’t do the dishes the very hospitable founders all decided they had had enough. This was the day that South Coast Stay was born.  

The founding members soon realized that launching holiday stay accommodation would not only give them back their homes (and fridges) but provide a service to all.

Home owners across the land could all rejoice. For holiday home owners can now receive income, permanent residents could now rest assured knowing that their spare rooms were safe, and the team of South Coast Realty could grow.

Today, South Coast Stay is a recognizable brand across the Fleurieu Peninsula. We provide the accommodation & The Fleurieu provides the experience.

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