How to present your property for sale

First impressions matter when it comes to selling a property. It takes time and effort to make a property really stand out, but it’s important to keep the end result, the best sale price, in mind. The way the property is presented can affect the level of interest and the amount of offers you receive. Keep the potential buyer in mind when you make decisions around how you present your property for the best outcome. 


Clean and tidy both exterior and interior

 Start with the outside. The outside is the very first impression for a potential buyer as it is the first thing they see as they arrive. Adding colourful flowers and plants near the entrance, using an attractive welcome mat and fixing anything broken, cleaning pavements, watering the plants and mowing the lawn are just some of the small ways you can make the exterior look presentable for both the front garden and back garden.  

 For the interior, minimise clutter and odours, ensure all surfaces are tidy and clean; including the windows, vacuum any carpeted areas and mop all hard floors.  Keep it homely but simplistic, inviting but classy.


Use furniture and décor to your advantage

If you have a small room or space, you can use furniture and décor to make it look bigger. Kate Bunton from 2Tweaks in Melbourne says “so many people can’t envisage small spaces, and they can look considerably smaller and less appealing” Declutter personal items and unnecessary furniture.

 Adding a scented candle and some plants is a lovely touch, as well as making sure the beds are dressed in fresh linen and a few decorative cushions..  It’s hard for people to see how well the spaces in your home can be utilised without furniture.  If you’ve had to move out prior to putting the property on the market, you may want to consider getting the property styled.  The great thing about the Victor Harbor area is that our properties don’t stay on the market long. Many of our new properties are sold within a few days of being listed.  The market is really strong at the moment.

 When choosing furniture or décor, we all have different tastes, therefore chose a neutral colour scheme. This includes repainting any bold coloured walls and replacing any flashy décor with something more neutral.


What do potential buyers really want?

It is important to make the property feel like a home that has positive potential.  Potential buyers are more likely to buy a well maintained and looked after property than a property where they are faced with a to-do-list. A property that appears well-cared for is more valuable than one that has been run down.


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