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Say your goodbyes now

Do not sell while emotionally attached.  Say your goodbyes and don’t look back!

Hide the photos

Remove personal belongings for inspections.  You want people to be able to imagine their photos, belongings on the walls.  Buyers should be able to see themselves in their new home.

Remove clutter

Clean, declutter and dump all of those items that have never been used!  If you don’t use it, loose it!

Sneak proof

Everyone loves to have a little sneak peek into drawers, cupboards & closets.  A well-organised drawer implies that you take good care of the whole home, so go a little crazy, line up shoes, clean out the spice rack and pantry, organise the drawers, every detail counts.

Store it

Store any furniture that is not essential.  This will show how spacious and versatile a room can be.

Replace & take

If you are taking fixed appliances and furniture with you, remove these items and replace them if necessary before open inspections.


Do any minor repairs to showcase your property in the best possible light.  Patch holes in walls, fix leaky taps, a cracked tile? Get it fixed!  Make sure the lights work – your home is now on show and buyers don’t want to move into a home and be given a DIY list.

Clean, clean, clean

You want your home to be spotless – both inside and out.  Wash windows, vacuum and mop, clean out the refrigerator, hang fresh towels. Fresh flowers are always a great touch and don’t forget to pressure wash the exterior! 

Appeal & analyse

Can you see your house number? Does your home have curb appeal? Keep the sidewalk clean, mow the lawn, make sure the house number is visible and paint the exterior of your home. Analyse your home – stand back, have a look as a perspective buyer and ask the question ‘would I buy this?’ Then act on your answer and make any changes if necessary.

Put the right price on your home

Be realistic about the price of your home and make sure it is suitable for the surrounding market. Do a little research on properties that are similar to your home in the district.

Method of sale

There are two main methods for selling a home – private treaty and auction.  Your agent can help and advise you of what he/she believes would best suit your property to achieve the best possible price given the type of property and the local market conditions.  Always remember it is your choice as to which method is finally chosen. 

Choosing an Agent

How do you choose?  In essence, the real estate agent should be an excellent negotiator and marketer of your property.

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