September 24, 2019

What guests look for in a holiday home?

With the warmer weather approaching we shift our minds from staying warm in the comfort of our own home to venturing out and exploring our wonderful surrounds.


With this shift comes a significant increase in occupancy of our holiday homes. Now is the time to look at the current presentation of your holiday property and start the preparation for the large influx of holiday makers commencing in December.


Bed Linen

If you are anything like me a fresh inviting bed makes for a...


February 14, 2019

Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Moving

Congratulations! You have just received a phone call from your Property Manager that your application has been successful. Moving is an exciting time but can also be a little bit daunting.

How are you going to pack everything on time? Can you make it easier? With these smart tips you can:

#1 Supplies:

Get organised to be organised. Having the right ‘tools’ makes the job so much easier. You will need packing tape/boxes/stanley knife/heavy duty garbage bags/permanent maker/spray and wipe/cleaning cloths


January 03, 2019

How to keep your cool when it’s 41 degrees

Hello to the New Year and hello Summer! After a few glimpses of Summer over the past month she has arrived like a smack in the face. I remember loving, LOVING the heat when I was younger, now to be honest it is a struggle (I assure you, working while everyone else is at the beach has nothing to do with it).

Before we all swap stories about ‘back in our day’ when there was no air conditioning….. let’s check out...


December 27, 2018

Summer Holiday Fun!

Things to do on the Fleurieu these Summer Holidays 2019

I can barely recall what it was like to have those endless Summer holidays that we had in school. You know the ones? You return to school and everyone is taller, has different hair and wardrobes and comes to show and tell with amazing stories of adventure from their holidays?

To create your own show and tells we have compiled a list of things you should check out while you are in...


December 03, 2018

Rental Open Inspections

Going to an open inspection for a rental home for your first time can be daunting. You may just be moving out of home, just sold your house or have relocated. To help you with a few FAQ’s we asked around the office and these are some of the hot tips the agents came up with:

  • Don’t park in the driveway at opens
  • Wipe your feet before going inside
  • Have your ID with you as you may be asked to present it ...


September 07, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has Sprung, the sun is shining but wait….

If like the team here, you have not been outside as much as usual during the Winter period the sudden sunlight may be encouraging you (or showing all the areas that need attention) to do some Spring cleaning keep reading.

Living on the Fleurieu, chances are that you also have a septic tank, which is great – so much better than having a drop toilet however, we need to be sure the products...


July 16, 2018

Things to consider before building

Building a home can be an exciting project to embark on, but there are many costs that are often forgotten about when building your first home.  Most people forget to consider costs such as paying rent whilst building, council fees, and preparing the block of land on top of other financial aspects. Factoring in these unexpected costs ensure you are sticking to your budget and that your expectations are met, ensuring your build is as successful and less stress...


May 30, 2018

Stamp Duty

Understanding Stamp Duty in 2018


Buying a new home can be overwhelming especially for first home buyers as it is the largest transaction that most people will make in their lifetime. Working out how much tax to pay is difficult

But what is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is the revenue levied by states on various transfers and agreements such as real estate. Stamp duty is charged based on the greater market value of the property including GST. The more expensive...


May 01, 2018

3 Ways to add functional lighting to your backyard

Adding outdoor lighting to your backyard helps to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining all year round. Bring your garden to life at night and make your outdoor space last longer into the night. Lights can be used for more than just lighting up a dark space. Lights can change the mood, atmosphere and create security. 

Add lighting to a tree, sculpture or artwork 

For a tree up to 2.7 metres, a light such...


April 05, 2018

How to present your property for sale

First impressions matter when it comes to selling a property. It takes time and effort to make a property really stand out, but it’s important to keep the end result, the best sale price, in mind. The way the property is presented can affect the level of interest and the amount of offers you receive. Keep the potential buyer in mind when you make decisions around how you present your property for the best outcome. 


Clean and tidy both exterior and...


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