How to keep your cool when it’s 41 degrees

Hello to the New Year and hello Summer! After a few glimpses of Summer over the past month she has arrived like a smack in the face. I remember loving, LOVING the heat when I was younger, now to be honest it is a struggle (I assure you, working while everyone else is at the beach has nothing to do with it).

Before we all swap stories about ‘back in our day’ when there was no air conditioning….. let’s check out these cost effective ideas on ways to beat the heat:

  • Eat ice-cream
  • Go swimming (or any other water-based activity) at the beach/river or pool.
  • Keep your curtains closed and put the air conditioner on.
  • If you have no air conditioning, head to the shopping centre or movies
  • Get a cold towel – you just wet and snap them and they keep you cool for ages, reusable and start from around $10.00 (you can also do it like Grandma and pop a wet face washer in the freezer)

 Keep Cool.jpg

  • Have a water fight 
  • Avoid going out in the middle of the day
  • Keep up the water intake

We would love to hear the ways you stay cool.

*This is not a paid advertisement for Cold Towels

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